Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild



Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild Constitution

This copy of the Constitution was updated January 2014 and supersedes all previous versions

Name: The name of the Guild shall be Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild.

Objectives: The objectives of the guild shall be:

1.      To provide a meeting ground for those who are interested in painting in any media.

2.      To upgrade painting skills through education and communication.

3.      To conduct educational workshops that broaden the member's knowledge and experience in all aspects of painting.

Meetings: A regular meeting will be held the second Wednesday of every month excluding July and August. Meeting will start at 7pm.

A quorum at a meeting shall consist of not less that 50% plus one of those members present.

Nominations for the election of the Executive shall be held in April of each year; with elections taking place in May.

Terms of all officers shall be 1 year with the option of re-election to the same position for I year, for a maximum of 2 years.

Executive. The Executive will consist of elected officers as follows: President; Vice President; Secretary, Treasurer and Past President

Amended October 13th 2010 motion by Sharon Urqhuart and 2nd by Mary Ellen and voted on.

Executive will now read: The Executive will consist of elected officers as follow: President; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer; Past President; Program Co-Coordinator; Guest Teacher Chairperson and Membership.

New Clause; effective October 13 2010.

Terms of all officers shall be 1 year with the option for re-election to the same position for 1 year, for a maximum term of 2 years. In the event that an executive member or incoming elected member may have to step down due to extenuating circumstances and there is no one to take on the position and if the past executive member of that position has already served a 2 year term and if so willing may continue and fulfill the current term or until a replacement is found. This extended term is valid for 1 year only.

1.      The Executive shall enter upon the performance of their duties at the regular meeting in September and continue in office until the end of August the following year.

2.      The executive shall have the power to hold meetings at such time and place as they may think proper; to enforce the by-laws of the guild; to appoint committees as deemed necessary; to carry out the objectives of the Guild and to best protect the interests and welfare of the members.

3.      A majority of the Executive shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



1.      Monies generated by the Guild cannot be spent unless voted on by members at the monthly meeting, except for the sum of $100.00 or less.

2.      There will be three members of the executive eligible to sign cheques. Two signatures must be on each cheque.

3.      No charitable donation shall exceed $100.00 except as voted on separately, when unusual circumstance are presented.

Membership-Dues -Guests:

1.      Membership in the guild is open to all persons interested in painting who have paid their annual membership fee and who agree to comply with the by-laws and standing role of the guild.

2.      Membership dues shall be determined by the Executive from time to time and shall be paid annually. The year starts in September and ends August of the next year. Current membership fee is $25.00. Dues are to be paid before November 1st of each year.

3.      New members joining in the later part of the year April May and June will pay a special rate of $15.00.

4.      Guests are encouraged to attend but may be present only once without the payment of annual dues. Subsequent visits a $5.00 fee per meeting will apply. Guests may participate in the painting of the meeting project and must pay the project fee to the teacher.

Guest Teacher Seminars:

1.      Guest Teacher Seminars will be prorated relative to the cost of individual instructors.

2.      These fees are due in full prior to the seminar.

3.      Non members will be charged an additional fee for Guest Teacher seminars, which includes lunch.

4.      There is a $25.00 non refundable fee due at the time of registration.


 Dissolution of the Guild

1.      In the event of dissolution of the Guild, all liabilities and obligations of the Guild shall be paid, satisfied and discharged, or adequate provision made.

2.      Any remaining funds as are in the treasury at such time shall be given to a non-profit organization as determined by the majority of the remaining members.


Executive and Committee chair duties.


1.      shall preside over each meeting;

2.      shall co-ordinate activities of the Executive;

3.      shall be a member of all committees;

4.      shall sign cheques and other documents' which require his or her signature;

5.      shall not have a vote on issues, but may cast a tie-breaking vote.



1.      shall act in the absence of the President and shall assist the President;

2.      shall let her/his name stand for the following year as President, if she/he chooses;

3.      shall be the 3rd signing authority on cheques.



1.      shall be responsible for all minutes of both Executive and regular meetings;

2.      shall carry out any correspondence deemed necessary by the executive.



1.      shall be in charge of deposits and disbursements of all guild funds and co-sign cheques;

2.      shall submit at each meeting a report and accounting of all monies of the Guild;

3.      shall be responsible to have the books audited at the end of each year.


Program Cordinator:

 shall organize each month's program with the help of her/his committee.

Guest Teacher:

1.      shall be responsible for all aspects of organizing for guest instructors. Coordinating and collecting money for the seminars and submitting to the treasurer

2.      shall be responsible for signing all contracts, receipts etc in regard to teachers

3.      shall be responsible for arranging lunch.

4.      shall request assistance as required.




1.      shall be in charge of collecting dues and submitting same to the Treasurer;

2.      shall keep an up to date record of membership  

3.      shall be in charge of the Welcoming Committee.

Web-site editor: shall be responsible for obtaining articles and items of interest and publication on the web-site as ongoing.

 Publicity: consists of looking alter all advertising of events and encouraging, through the media, the promotion and aims of the Guild.

Telephone Committee: Telephone responsibilities include informing all members of special events and weather cancellations.

Librarian shall be responsible for keeping a record of the library inventory.

Welcoming shall be in charge of sending cards, monthly 50/50 draw; the member and guest sign in sheet.

Festival of Trees; shall organize all aspects of obtaining tree, supplies delivery of tree and painting of ornaments for the tree.


         Amendment re meetings effective November 14 2017

Due to the possible closing and sale of the current meeting place it was decided to look for a new venue for the meetings

1.      A motion was made by Claire Malczewski and seconded by Norma Robb to move the meetings to Grace United Church.


2.      A motion was made by Jan and seconded by Noreen to change the meeting day from the second Wednesday of the month to the second Tuesday of the month.


3.      Both motions were passed with a majority of hands.



The meetings will  be held the second Tuesday of the Month and will start at 7pm. There will be no meeting during July and August.

Effective November 14th 2017 the meeting place for Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild will be held at the  Grace United Church Hall located at 85 Dundas Street East Trenton Ontario.



The original logo has now been retired and the new logo on the front page is now in place.
The new logo was design by Jan Zeldunrust

In January 1996 a contest was held to design a logo for the Guild.

Brenda S., designed a daisy logo and won the contest.

Name Tag Painting Instructions
1. Sand, seal and tack
2. Base in Dove Grey
3. Pounce or stipple area behind where petals will be with English Yew
4. Transfer pattern
5. Petals are double loaded with Desert Sun and Taffy Cream
6. Wash over petals with Taffy Cream
7. Speckling of flower centre is Desert Sun and Burnt Sienna
8. Handle of brush is Black, ferrule is Cadet Grey, bristles and droplets are Desert Sun
9. Lettering is Black
10. Scrolling is English Yew
11. Place your name under scrolling in lower right corner
12. Speckle entire surface in English Yew